have been working as an illustrator/designer for over 6 years and I have extensive experience creating editorial and technical illustrations, 3D models, and designs for print and web.

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technology profile
  • Photoshop CS (Expert, 8+ years)
    Have 8+ solid years of experience using Photoshop for a variety of purposes from creating custom textures for 3D models from scratch, to digital composition of elements created in 3D Studio, Freehand, and from Digital photographs, to batch conversion of files from one format to another, etc.
  • Freehand 8.01b (Expert, 6+ years)
    Have 6+ years of experience using Freehand for the creation of Vector illustrations for an average of 6 hours a day. This being the best flavor of Freehand (most stable, least memory hogging) I have used it most, but my expertise also extends to versions 9, 10 and MX.
  • Illustrator CS (Expert, 8+ years)
    Have 1 year of experience using Illustrator for 6 to 10 hours a day to create vector illustrations. Have been developing tools using the Illustrator 9, 10 and CS type libraries for the past 3 years, and have been using this program regularly for the past 8 years.
  • 3DS Max 6 (Expert, 6+ years)
    Have been using 3D Studio since release 2, and have had extensive experience modeling and texturing within 3D Studio (including using particle systems, space warps, dummy boxes, NURBs, UVW unwrapping for texturing with one resource file, low poly modeling, and setting up skeletal systems, defining IK parameters, adjusting animations via the dope sheet and track view, working between AI, Photoshop and 3D studio for the creation of textures and complex components, quickly learning and utilizing 3rd party plugins (like Digimation QuickDirt, Shag, etc), limited experience using MAX script, and limitited experience using Character Studio 4)
  • Flash MX (Intermediate, 4+ years)
    Have 4 years of experience creating multiple scene flash animations and programming intermediate level flash action scripts. Have experience converting multiple file formats to flash, and also have experience creating illustrations natively within Flash.
  • Visual Basic .NET (Intermediate, 5+ years)
    Have been developing custom time saving application using Visual Basic 6 and .Net for the past 5+ years. Am also an expert at programming for OLE the Illustrator 10 type library, Microsoft Visio 2002 type library, the PhotoShop 7 type library, and the Extensis Portfolio 5 type library for hosting external application functionality.
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